Ansoft PExprt 6.0 SP9


PExprt speeds the design and optimization process of transformers and inductors. Using a combination of classical and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques, PExprt determines the appropriate core size and shape, air gaps, and winding strategy of a design. Users can then achieve optimum reliability and performance of the magnetic component efficiently by eliminating prototyping iterations.

What’s new in v6?


  • Integrated magnetics and planar component modeling
  • Thermal calculations
    • Radiation and convection on the window
    • Automatic generation of equivalent thermal model for Simplorer?
    • Graphical representation of the thermal distribution in the window
  • Winding-loss, magnetizing and leakage inductance calculations using FEA
  • Core-loss calculations based on nonlinear core models
  • Expanded core libraries
  • Open-circuit and short-circuit tests
    • Energy
    • Losses
    • Current density
    • Flux-distribution maps
    • Energy-distribution map
    • Currents and losses versus time
    • Temperature-distribution map


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