Ansoft SIwave 4.01


SIwave Heading Signal- and Power-Integrity Analysis for High-Performance PCBs and IC Packages SIwave™ analyzes entire printed circuit boards (PCBs) and IC packages prevalent in modern electronic products. The software allows engineers to perform complete signal- and power- integrity analyses from DC to beyond 10 Gb/s. SIwave extracts frequency-dependent circuit models of signal nets and power distribution networks directly from electrical CAD layout (E-CAD) databases. These analyses aid in the identification of signal and power-integrity problems and are critical to designers seeking first-pass system success. Entire design paths from package to board to package can be analyzed using a full-wave electromagnetic simulator realizing coupling effects between packages and boards that are often ignored. With an IC die network modeler, first order silicon effects can be included in the analyses for a complete channel description. New in SIwave v4 * Enhanced graphical user interface that allows simultaneous analyses and dynamic zooming * Smart coupling algorithms with an advanced via solver combined with non-uniform (hexagonal and trapezoidal) trace cross-sections that provide accurate solutions beyond 10 Gb/s * New co-planar algorithm within the solver extends accuracy for difficult package designs * Ability to calculate trace characteristics on the fly * Enhanced near- and far-field solvers for electromagnetic interference and compatibility problems * Automated error checking and geometry correction * Automated schematic creation, transient and QuickEye™ analyses setup for circuit simulation driven by electromagnetics when using SIwave with Ansoft Designer. * Auto- port creation for Apache RedHawk chip power modules * Ability to link SIwave and ANSYS® Icepak® software to characterize heating due to copper-resistive losses


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