Ansoft Maxwell v13


Maxwell V13.0 and RMxprt V13.0 contain many new capabilities and enhancements as: ANSYS Workbench Couplings * Thermal Coupling (one-way and two-way) * Structural Coupling (one-way) * Design Exploration Coupling New Capabilities * New Adaptive Mesh Refinement for 3D Eddy Solve * 3D-Transient Cosimulation with Simplorer * Expand Demagnetization to 3rd Quadrant * Magnetization Capability * Functional Magnetization Direction * Transient Solid Winding Source with More Than Two Terminals * Speed up of the C-matrix calculation in 3D electrostatic * New UDP Components * New Slot Editor * New Machine Type * New Modeler Capabilities Improved Performance * Speed Up 3D Transient * Better nonlinear iteration algorithm * Enhanced volume mesher (TAU mesher) reducing total number of nonlinear iterations * Introduce damping scheme to update permeability for certain elements * Support iterative solver option (PCG) * New Remote Simulation Manager - Simple configuration of distributed networks - Improved scalability over many nodes - Scheduler integration: LSF, Microsoft HPC, etc Enhanced Productivity * Distributed frequency sweeps for 2D and 3D eddy * Enhanced Matching Boundary Capabilities * RMxprt automatically creates complete Maxwell 2D and Maxwell 3D designs - Geometry and minimum solving region creation with matching boundary setup - Motion and mechanical setup - Material property and core loss setup - Winding and source setup including drive circuit * Postprocessing Enhancements


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