UCAM v9.23 (c)Ucamco


Ucamco v9.23 has now released UCAM Version 9.2, making Visual HyperScripts more powerful and even easier to set up. New commands extend Visual HyperScripting to automate data preparation for electrical test. New functionality based on the feedback from users makes it easier to start scripting and to share scripts across a company. At the same time Ucamco has put a short training video on their Web site which shows how Visual HyperScripts cut CAM time and how to start to use it. Ucam CAM++ Powerful, fast and error-free tool generation, automated integration with costing & planning systems. In-built dynamic automation and a user-interface structured for advanced manufacturing technologies ensure a fast roll-out. UCAM Cam++ captures not just layout data but also netlist information, customer specifications, mechanical drawings and manufacturing rules in a single smart engineering database. From the database launch automatic DRC and DFM checks without vendor limitations. Optimize plant yields using automated DFM routines. UCAM Cam++ deploys powerful automatic security tools to detect accidental operator errors. For flexible circuitry see our UCAM uFlex brochure We provide our customers with all interfaces, upstream to CAD/DFM, downstream to manufacturing and quality control. UCAM Cam++ outputs fully- automated machine-optimized tooling for all industry-standard electrical testers and AOI systems, photoplotters, drilling and routing equipment and direct imagers. Product parameters can easily be uploaded into corporate production management databases, or in various formats for other CAD/CAM systems. UCAM Cam++ is delivered ready- automated with built-in dynamic functionality for a fast roll-out and a fully customized smart workflow. Labor-saving functions include automated board structuring, netlist and test-point generation without manual intervention, & dynamic yield-driven auto-panelization. Working on one job and need to look at others? No need to close down: just use MultiSession to open as many extra jobs as you need on your workstation.


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