Ucamx 11 for win32_win64


Our CAM solutions integrate PCB product engineering from your customer's CAD system through your sales office and down to your shop-floor to cut out costs, speed up your production cycle and enhance yields, whether you make conventional, HDI, flexible or flex-rigid circuitry. utomates the first steps in CAM. Convert painted to flashed pads, clean painted areas, clean data outside the outline and on NPTH etc, optimize soldermask and legends, etc. Start your CAM work from a clean single up. Ucam Powerful, fast and error-free tool generation, automated integration with costing & planning systems. In-built dynamic automation and a user-interface structured for advanced manufacturing technologies ensure a fast roll-out. Ucam uFlex Powerful tool-sets help product engineers develop innovative and effective solutions for cutting-edge designs, while highly flexible automation routines take care of the repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks which hamper engineering creativity. Ucam CAD Review Check your output Gerber files before sending them to your manufacturer. Powerful design rule and DFM checks avoid costly surprises and delays in manufacturing. Get better quotes by optimizing the design before you send it out. Ucam SmartView View your jobs anywhere in the factory. Zoom, measure, view attributes, check desing rules. Ucam Chemical Milling The only CAM workstation dedicated to chemical milling. Read your data, view, edit, optimize and then send it to the plotter or direct imaging machine. SmartPlate Innovative Software for Reliable Plating. PCBs today have to meet increasingly stringent end-user requirements for electrical performance and long-term reliability. These depend critically on accurate plated copper thickness. For the first time SmartPlate takes the trial and error out of plating. State of the art tools model the plating process and provide accurate job by job data predicting copper thicknesses across the board. Multi Job Panelizer Mixing jobs on the same panel results in massive cost savings for short-run jobs. However, conventional front-ends cannot deal effectively with mixed panels. Muli Job Panel offers a range of solutions, from a dedicated single panel editor to powerful background optimizers, taking into account the all-important plating issues.


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