Ucam v10.1.4 for win32_win64


Features Zero-defect tooling – for rigid and flex circuits 100% integration into existing environment Out-of-the-box CAM productivity High-level automation – without limits Faster shopfloor production, higher shopfloor yields Enhanced supplier profile Benefits Reduces pre-production times Increases Productivity Cost-effective CAM solution 2000+ operational Systems worldwide 130214 Job Editor Buildup B363048 Java NullPointerException was generated when trying to Import a Polar file containing a core without copper. These Polar files can now be imported normally. 130214 Input IPC-D-356 BB03208 Some improvements to IPC-D-356A input have been implemented: 1. Misalignment of the job name in a P JOB record of an incoming IPC-D-356A file caused the input to abort with an error message advising the operator to address the problem. This misalignment is now silently accepted. The operator is still advised, but input continues. 2. The presence of unsupported parameter record designations (like P LAYER or P AREA) in an incoming IPC-D-356A file caused the IPC-D-356A input to abort. Unsupported parameter record designations are now silently skipped and input continues.


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