Ucamco Ucamx 2015.04


Ucamco Ucamx 2015.04 UcamX v2015.04 comes with the following existing new features Workspace GUI (Graphical User Interface) Parallel Processing Load Balanced Sessions Gerber X2 Input Support In addition a host of corrections and enhancements to existing functionality have been included for your comfort and convenience Contents Overview UcamX v2015.04 Release Notes  Workspace: particular arrangement of dialogues and toolbars tailored to deal with a certain aspect of the CAM workflow (data input – data cleanup – verification…) Workspace GUI can store several of these workspaces under different names Switch between Workspaces and Workspace GUI rearranges itself for the next task at hand “Dockable” dialogues for a highly efficient and compact working environment Pin bar on the right – handy repository for larger dialogues Drag-and-drop functionality for placing toolbars Multiple toolbars side by side or above each other Floating toolbars VHS and Hypertool functionality locatable on toolbars Support for workstation with dual displays Workspace GUI – Functional overview » We try harder « www.ucamco.com UcamX v2015.04 Release Notes Workspace GUI – Storing and Reloading Workspaces Have your traditional Ucam screen layout automatically captured in a UcamX Workspace for further use in your new software environment Arrange dialogues and toolbars to your convenience and save/reload/rename them using of the new Workspaces menu item Move from one Workspace to the next by clicking on a name in the bottom part of the Workspaces menu → No cluttered dialogues – Always a clean and tidy working area → Reduced learning curve for novice users – only the relevant functionality for a particular task is presented on screen UcamX v2015.04 Release Notes Workspace GUI – Dockable Dialogues UcamX Workspace GUI dialogues can be made dockable Right-click in the dialogue’s upper part to access its Workspace GUI options and switch on the dockable feature Hold down the key and start moving the dockable dialogue around towards the edges of the drawing area to build your Workspace Drop the dialogue once its outline has snapped to the desired position Use the dialogue’s grabber bars to fit it to its optimal


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