Ucamco_Integr8tor v2015.09 for win64


Ucamco_Integr8tor v2015.09 for win64 Integr8tor v.2015.06 builds on the industr y - leading Integr8tor platform to deliver even better functionality, performance and speed, confirming its status as the most powerful sales and engineering server for the automatic input and pre - quote analysis of client - generated PCB design data. One of t he most important developments in Integr8tor 2015.06 is its increased support of, and compatibility with, a wide range of data formats. Now, whether in colour or b/w for better readability, PDF files can be generated faster, and more reliably and accuratel y from source documents in the popular .docx, dwg and dxf formats. The converted files remain accurately faithful to the originals, with fully functional drop - down menus and checkboxes. Integr8tor 2015.06 also offers broader drill support, allowing non - standard holes to be identified automatically and processed accordingly. This includes countersink or counterbore holes that are to be enlarged in a specific way, or holes that are to be filled with resin or copper. In another drill - based development, v.20 15.06 is capable of calculating how many pressing cycles a board will have to go through from the drill spans. Both improvements ensure that, for every board being engineered, the processes needed and potential production bottlenecks can be identified, cos ted and calculated early, so they are part of the quote preparation and delivery commitment process right from the outset. Among the throughput - and quality - enhancing features that improve Integr8tor's quality reporting are its recognition of even more edg e - connector and SMD pad shapes; a new algorithm that improves the calculation of spacing between lines of the same net; and a new “auto - snap” feature that improves annular ring analysis by automatically placing plated drill holes in the centre of the coppe r pads. It also now flags overlapping holes within drill sequences. Furthermore, the QED XML files now enable technologies and capability classes to be identified quickly and easily, together with their critical parameter values, and now it's also possible to tailor which checks are run by Integr8tor. Not least, Integr8tor 2015.06 offers even more support for the powerful Gerber X2 format


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