Ucamco Ucam v10.1


Automates data entry and design analysis in a pre-CAM environment. Obtain faster and more accurate information for quoting and product engineering; complete CAM data right at the beginning of the tooling process. In today’s fast-moving and competitive electronics industry, CAM plays a pivotal role in the process cycle from design office to shopfloor. Ucamco has more than 30 years of experience in machinery, software. Drawing together this expertise, UCAM Cam++ drastically reduces job cycle times with powerful CAD links, fast and error-free tool generation, automated integration with costing and planning systems, and a direct, measurable improvement in shopfloor productivity and process yields. In-built dynamic automation and a userinterface structured for advanced manufacturing technologies ensure a fast roll-out needing minimum training times. Ucamco continuously enhances UCAM with new functionality to keep your investment at the cutting edge of technology. UCAM Cam++ has introduced MultiSession operation, the Rout Constructor tools and a new service for your customers – Design Restore.


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