Mentor Graphics FloTHERM 11.3


Mentor Graphics FloTHERM 11.3 Suite Win/Linux (by SSQ) Content of suite FloTHERM 11.3 build 16.40.5 Win/Linux FloVENT 11.3 build 16.40.5 Win FloMCAD Bridge Catia V5 11.3 build 16.40.5 Win FloTHERM PCB 8.3 Win FloTHERM uses advanced CFD techniques to predict airflow, temperature, and heat transfer in components, boards, and complete systems, including racks and data centers. It's also the industry's best solution for integration with MCAD and EDA software. FloTHERM is the undisputed world leader for electronics thermal analysis, with a 98 percent user recommendation rating. It supports more users, application examples, libraries and published technical papers than any competing product. Aerospace & Defense Thermal management is a crucial factor to maintain avionics system reliability and increased advancements in technology require state-of-the-art thermal simulation tools. FloTHERM offers electronics cooling capabilities and EDA interfaces to optimize the workflow and accuracy for high-reliability product developments: EDA data utilization for high accuracy PCB trace representation Die to rack dimension scale resolution Automotive FloTHERM offers state-of-the-art simulation technologies for automotive electronics, where increasing miniaturization has made thermal management critical, yet hard to achieve. Using FloTHERM, automotive engineers can solve tasks from the smallest die to the largest enclosure: Real-time meshing Detailed die to enclosure dimension scale resolution Fast and high accuracy solving Vast electronics cooling features and capabilities


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