Trimble inpho Photogrammetry v10


Trimble inpho Photogrammetry v10

Highlights in Inpho 10New Matching Strategy in MATCH-ATHigher performance in aerial projects with high overlapConsidering the rapid growth of the aerial imagery market and dueto the new technologies in Multi-Head-Systems, the photogrammetricblocks are getting larger and more challenging. In addition to the existing robust and powerful algorithms in the former versions of Match-AT, Inpho version 10 offers a new and efficient matching strategy to improve the performance in aerial triangulation and enhance the productivityin large photogrammetricprojects.As a part of the new matching strategy in MATCH-AT, the matching in high overlapping areas is performed with new tie-point extraction algorithms leading to stronger connected images. This increases the quality of image orientation and ensures a reliable dense-matching.Using this matching strategy, it is possibleto observe the quality of the sensor platform which means qualifying the multi-head systems and navigation observation in aerial triangulation. The new strategy can enhance the performance in aerial triangulation significantly compared to the former strategies. Through this special matching all heads can be processed in one aerial triangulation and not only based on the nadir images. Additionally, MATCH-AT version 10 provides a better usage of multi-core systems during the image matching.Therefore it is strongly recommended to upgrade to this new version for processing of the projects with high overlap. In version 10, the users have also the possibility to choose the former matching strategies as well.News in Multi-Head workflowMATCH-AT version 10 introduces thefirst version of unique multi-head bundle block adjustment.The GNSS/IMU observations are used to automatically derive a multi-head platform configuration. The configuration is used asobservation in the adjustment.Optionally each camera ofthe platform can be calibrated separately considering the derived constraints. This feature allows a drift correction on the platform, which leads to higher accuracy and improvedstability in orientation



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