Virtual Surveyor V5.1.8


Virtual Surveyor V5.1.8 VIEWING Interactive exploration of terrains Hide/Show layers & objects PROJECTS Open/Save project Create new project with terrains MEASURE Realtime coordinates Measure distance & slopes Measure area LAYER CONTROL Set active layer Create, rename & delete layers Apply elevation offset to layer Apply active symbology to layer DRAWING Draw points, polylines & polygon Point naming rules Create point grid Annotate points Export to CAD or GIS Set point, polyline & polygon symbology Set display units VOLUMES Calculate volumes Calculate volume differences Modify terrains Reference level CONTENT Add 3D models Create Level of Details for 3D models Add image or elevation terrain files Add GIS & CAD layers ANALYSIS Realtime calculation of contours Realtime calculation of slopes Realtime calculation of slope directions PRESENTATION TOOLS Create snapshot Create presentation Render movie


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