Deswik suite 2020


Deswik suite 2020


Version 2020.1 of Deswik Suite is just out featuring plenty of enhancements to the Deswik Underground Drill & Blast package, Deswik.UGDB. A Deswik.CAD module, Deswik.UGDB has been developed to manage the specialised needs of drill and blast designs for underground mines. Users can rapidly site rings, slots, drill holes either manually or through sophisticated automated tools, to deliver a comprehensive ring design every time.

Deswik states: “Ensure consistency by incorporating standard design metrics for drill rig parameters, explosives and detonator placement to prepopulate your design. Define blast pattern with primers, explosives and timing sequences to produce detailed blast designs and solids. Generating a drill and blast plan is only half the job and Deswik.UGDB ensures that communicating the plan is just as easy. Rapid plotting from pre-configured layouts, direct export to drill rig guidance software and survey formats keeps everyone, from drillers to surveyors, working together.”

Superior design tools allow the intuitive manual or automatic layout of drill holes with relation to design and existing voids plus setting design parameters for parallel or fanned holes including fixed toe spacing, collar spacing or angle changes. For long hole winze design, users can utilise set templates to rapidly insert a winze adjusted to dip and length, and charge the holes plus insert cut-off-slot rings with a long hole winze in line with the holes or a specific number of rings.

It allows dynamic updating of hole layouts against survey and design changes, changing the drill rig or reversing the drill look direction. You can also copy designs between rings – the new design automatically adjusts to the profile of the next ring slice. In blast design users can dfine charge holes and primer locations including customisable decking layouts with multiple explosive products while setting blast timing for holes in various patterns and sequences and animating the resultant blast.

It is possible to slice the original blast stope solid against ring layout or generate directly from the ring designs, interrogate the blast solids directly and report against the physical values in a plot. Flexible plotting solutions allow you to plot any combination of plan and section views for ring, winze and break-through designs and rapidly set-up plot templates with tables referencing key design information that updates for each plotted ring design.

Finally for data exporting you can data export to IREDES in Epiroc or Sandvik data format and upload the design directly to the drill rig and distribute ring designs and laser lines to surveyors in either DXF or CSV formats.


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