WellCAD 5.4


WellCAD 5.4

WellCAD© Basic Version 5.4 Well Log Processing Software


Since its first release in 1993, WellCAD has become a valuable tool for thousands of geoscientists dealing with borehole data. WellCAD handles the entire data loading, log editing, analysis and presentation workflow for drilling, wellsite, core and logging data - independent of the industry sector.


The modular architecture of WellCAD allows users to easily activate advanced modules to build a package tailored to their requirements and make it an attractive solution for small scale companies as well as large multinational corporations.

Product Overview

Rich Graphical Display

  • Fully graphical driven standard Windows* software
  • Real-time data display generated from the depth / time based information held in the data repository
  • Display of curves, patterns, symbols, text, formation markers, image data, photographs,…
  • Comprehensive sets of formatting styles (point, bar, curve style, color, thickness, fonts, shading,…)
  • Editor for custom symbols, patterns, header & trailer design
  • 3D Borehole Display
Comprehensive Interpretation Tools
  • Common Data Processing Tools : resampling, filtering, single-, block- or multi curve statistics, equation editor,…
  • Specialized Workspaces for Image & Structure Interpretation, FWS data, core description, multi-well correlation,…
  • Cased Hole Interpretation Workspace (available in 2016)
  • Cross plotting workspace and chart log
  • Application Programming Interface for batch processing scripts or advanced algorithm development

Intuitive Data Management

  • Choose from 28 different data container types to host single point, interval or array data
  • New intuitive user interface to manage data and properties
  • Powerful templates for automatic plot formatting
  • Alias tables for mnemonic management and standardization
  • Automatic audit trail of changes made to each data container


  • WellCAD works on PCs, laptops and tablets with Windows OS (32 and 64bit compatible, supported by Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)
  • Completely portable through hardlock protection or server license borrowing
  • Does not require a connection to a database system


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