TechnoSoft AMETank 13.9.25


TechnoSoft AMETank 13.9.25


Rapid Design and Detailing

AMETank© enables the rapid configuration, design, and detailing of above-ground shop-built and field-erected
storage tanks.

Design calculations conform to API 650. API 620, UL142 and AWWA D100 will be supported in upcoming releases.

Design calculations for shell courses, floors, roofs, and structures for multi-bay configurations are supported.

Calculations include seismic, internal and external pressures, and wind loading.

Design reports include calculation formulation and details. Throughout the system minimum sizes are calculated
for various conditions and used for defaults as well as validation of user inputs

Designs and Configurations

A wide range of storage tank designs and configurations are supported.

Roof layouts include self and structurally supported, single and multi-bay flat, cone, and umbrella with knuckle design.

Roof structures include various configurations for columns, girders, rafters, and brackets.

External and internal floating roofs are supported.

Shell courses, stiffening rings, and anchor chairs can be configured with various dimensions and types.

Bottom types include sloped or shoveled with staggered or ribbon layout with optional annular or bearing ring.

Plates can be overlapped or butt welded with or without backing bars.

Various foundation designs are supported.

Feature Based Design

AMETank© supports a fully interactive 3D graphical user interface.

The configuration and layout of the tank shell, floor, roof and structure, and subsystems is facilitated through

intuitive menus with options customized specifically for tank design.

A complete design can be configured and detailed in less than two hours including the automatic generation of:

  • Tank 3D geometry with production details.
  • To-scale drawings including elevations, fabrication details, and assembly layout.
  • Components fabrication list, bill of material, weight reports, and cost data.




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