SimulationX is a standard software for valuation of the interaction of all components of technical systems. It is the universal CAE tool for modeling, simulation and analyzing of physical effects – w..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2013-12-05 Size: 1DVD
The Essential Macleod is a comprehensive software package for the design, analysis, manufacture and trouble shooting of thin film optical coatings. It runs under Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP oper..
Language: Authorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2013-10-18 Size: 1CD
Storage and transport of hazardous materials impose risks to surrounding population and structures, both in the urban environment as at (petro-) chemical facilities. RISKCURVES can quantify these ri..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2013-10-16 Size: 1CD
RadTherm is equipped with everything but your CAD mesh: pre-processing for conductivity and mesh normals, boundary condition set up, an optimized thermal solver, and post processor / results viewer. ..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2013-09-10 Size: 1CD
TRL Transyt v14.1.2.316
TRANSYT is an international product, used by hundreds of consultancies and local authorities around the world. It is an off-line computer program for designing, modelling and studying everything from..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2013-09-04 Size: 1CD
Product Overview RadTherm heat transfer software is a professional thermal simulation tool for comprehensive CAE analysis. Your product's steady state and transient heat transfer behavior is pre..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2013-08-25 Size: 126 MB
Tanner Tools v16.0
L-Edit L-Edit combines industry-leading rendering speed with powerful features and an elegant user interface that delivers unmatched productivity in physical layout. Drawing and editing are done quic..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2013-08-18 Size: 1DVD
TerraBuilder 6.5.0
TerraBuilder allows users to quickly generate Skyline 3D terrain and urban model databases from a wide variety of data types. The TerraBuilder terrain builder product creates 3D terrain databases fro..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2013-08-05 Size: 1CD
Tekla Structures Tekla Structures is Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that enables the creation and management of accurately detailed, highly constructable 3D structural models regardless..
Language: Multi LanguageAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2013-06-10 Size: 1DVD
Thermolflow Suite 22
Thermoflow is the leading developer of thermal engineering software for the power and cogeneration industries. Since 1987, Thermoflow's software product line has grown to become the most popular, wel..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2013-05-23 Size: 1CD
Type3 v5.1 for CATIA V5R19-R22
Read on to learn more about Type3 exclusive features in the new version of Type3 CAA V5 Based Version 5.10. Discover new options for text creation, projection and mapping; all developed and improved t..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2013-05-21 Size: 2CD
Expansions – everywhere you look: Tebis Version 3.5 R4 We took our time and put a lot into Tebis Version 3.5 Release 4. An improved layer representation in the structure tree, the magnificent revis..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2013-05-16 Size: 1DVD
Tekla Structures v19.0
Tekla BIM (Building Information Modeling) software products and applications provide an accurate, detailed and data-rich 3D environment for the building and construction industry disciplines to share...
Language: Multi LanguageAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2013-03-20 Size: 2DVD
Our biggest NUKE release to date, NUKE 7.0 comes with a host of polished and perfected tools to streamline your day-to-day workflow, as well as exciting new feature additions to complement its highly..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2013-03-12 Size: 2CD
Telerik Controls Q1 2013
Q1 2013 brings the user experience of your apps to the next level. Your users will be able to persist app settings between sessions with the help of a Persistence Framework (Beta) and work on your app..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2013-03-02 Size:
Trafficware Synchro Studio with Warrants v8.0.803.743
Synchro 8 Get signals, intersections, bells & whistles. Synchro® is a macroscopic analysis and optimization software application. Synchro® implements the Intersection Capacity Utilization (ICU) 200..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2013-02-20 Size: 74 MB
TraceParts v2.6.2 with SP2
TraceParts is much more than just a simple Parts Library! Contents: 100+ millions of manufacturers' and standard parts coming from all the leading parts suppliers. TraceParts is a critical and unique..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2013-01-04 Size: 1CD
TNO Madymo.v7.4.1
The MADYMO 7.4.1 product suite is now available! The new Solver and Workspace releases include many new and enhanced features that further facilitate MADYMO modelling and results analysis for vehicle ..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2012-12-23 Size: 1CD
Accurate Cost Estimations Designed by industry-leading experts to produce accurate and reliable results Database of common gas and filler types allow you to tailor costings to your exact nee..
Language: Authorization: Retail Fresh Time:2012-12-19 Size: 32 MB
Topcon Tools v8.2
Topcon Tools Topcon Tools 8.2 now available! Topcon's Topcon Tools software provides a powerful post-processing solution, network analysis and adjustment with an intuitive operator interface that's e..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2012-12-13 Size: 25 MB
TOSCA Structure 7.1.1
TOSCA Structure is the market leading technology for structural optimization based on industry standard FEA packages (ABAQUS, ANSYS, MSC NASTRAN, NX NASTRAN). It allows for rapid and reliable design o..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2012-11-30 Size: 2CD
Language: Authorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2012-11-20 Size:
Tebis v3.5 r3
The new release of Version 3.5 is available. We have optimized, expanded, and of course fine-tuned yet again. Compare CAD files without prior loading, or create blanks by layering material. Stay up-to..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2012-11-09 Size: 1DVD
Tekla Structures v18.1
Tekla Structures Tekla Structures is Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that enables the creation and management of accurately detailed, highly constructable 3D structural models regardless..
Language: englishAuthorization: Retail Fresh Time:2012-10-21 Size: 1DVD
Tekla Structures v18.0.0.12090 SR2
From design to reality With Tekla Structures, you can transform design into reality. It turns great ideas into complete construction projects and covers the entire building process, from conceptual ..
Language: englishAuthorization: Pre Release Fresh Time:2012-09-06 Size: 368 MB
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