PHDWin 2.10.6


PHDWin 2.10.6

PHDwin V3 has been highly anticipated in the oil and gas world for good reason. No other software platform delivers unparalleled calculation speeds, limitless database size, practical engineering tools, and sophisticated economic calculations all packaged inside a highly customizable user interface.

Industry-Leading Economic Calculation Methodology

The bottom line of any economics and reserves software is the ability to produce quality reserves data. PHDwin V3 provides the best reserves reporting in the industry because it provides the best economics. The more accurate the economics, the more accurate the reserves. 

PHDwin V3 Economic Calculation Methodology Features:

  • Improved economic limit calculation by introducing Max Cum Cash Flow
  • Support for differentiating sunk and discretionary investments (PDP plugging vs PUD plugging)
  • Economic Hurdles – discounted cash flow, non-discounted cash flow, and ROI based (all are critical for automation)

Microsoft SQL Database

PHDwin V3 is built on MS SQL providing industry standard stability and performance that your business demands. The open data structure provides opportunities for integration with other systems while enforcing user group permissions.

MS SQL Benefits

  • Virtually limitless case count without sacrificing calculation speeds
  • Support for client/server deployment or can be run locally
  • Performance can be optimized with hardware thanks to hyperthreading (up to 12 threads)
  • True multi-user support 
  • Users can perform concurrent operations – no waiting for one calculation to complete while moving onto the next task
  • Unparalleled calculation and reporting speeds




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