Tebis AG is a leading global provider of CAD/CAM and MES software. With our high degree of expertise in consulting, implementation and support, we’ve been implementing highly efficient and reliable process solutions for our customers for over 35 years. Our customers use our solutions to manufacture single parts like models, molds and dies as well as the highest-quality series parts made of metal or plastic.

Tebis’ customers are among the most coveted partners in the global automotive, aerospace and production machining industries.
The clients of Tebis customers also include companies from the motorsports, energy, agricultural machinery and medical technology industries as well as the consumer goods sector.

Mold manufacturing

If you manufacture injection molds, thermoforming molds, die casting or gravity die casting molds, laminating molds, below molds or drop forging dies, Tebis ensures you are optimally prepared for current challenges of the market. You can optimally utilize your machines and deliver your parts on time and in outstanding quality. 

Die manufacturing

Many OEMs and medium-sized companies around the world have successfully implemented the Tebis solution for die manufacturing. With powerful CAD and CAM functions and highly automated processes, they shorten their throughput times and minimize manual reworking in tryout. 

Production machining

Whether they are aerospace, automotive, motorsport, oil and gas components, or medical parts – you can manufacture your mechanical components quickly, easily and flexibly using all machining technologies with Tebis. You can benefit from a high degree of automation in the software and verification using digital twins.

Model making

With Tebis, you can manufacture components for data control models, foundry models, laminating models and gauges quickly and at the highest quality. In both CAD and CAM, Tebis is a perfect match for the processes in the high-tech craft of model making. Tebis users benefit from the straightforward and logical implementation of the software and the automation possibilities. 



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