Camnetics.Suite.2017 Camnetics Inc., a provider tools to engineers and designers for creating solid models of drive components, announced the release of Camnetics Suite 2017. This softwares provides the designer advanced tools for creating solid models of drive components and assemblies. Camnetics is dedicated to improving the way automation components are designed. We offer gear and cam design software. GearTrax provides the designer with an easy-to-use tool for creating solid models of drive components. It is intuitively easy to use for the designer with limited gear experience yet powerful enough for the gear expert. The animation window shows the spur/helical gear mesh which updates as the data is changed. It is extremely useful in understanding how changes to the gear parameters reflect on the gear mesh. GearTeq provides the designer with advanced tools for creating solid models of drive components and assemblies. With CAD-like features, users can view components with drag, rotate, and multiple zoom options. Users can also drive the components for immediate animation! Work with multiple parts and assemblies and more. CamTrax64 helps the designer create solid models of virtually every type of cam with the dynamic motion control parameters your system requires. During the design, CamTrax64 generates charts when linked with Excel and adds a profile list to your drawing. CamTrax64 is for win32 and win64 operating systems. CamTrax64 standard cam types include cylindrical cams, plate (aka disk) cams and linear cams. Choose the follower type that the design requires; on center translating, off center translating and oscillating (swinging arm). Selecting different motion synthesis is a snap with CamTrax64. Choose between virtually any standard cam motion with a couple mouse clicks. With Excel the designer can analyze the cam motions and compare different motion synthesis. Don't have Excel? Output can also be to a text file! Charted are displacement, velocity, acceleration, pressure angle, cam shaft torque, radius of curvature, contact stress and normal force. Features: - Cylindrical, plate (aka disk) and linear cams - On center translating - Off center translating - Oscillating arm - A Fabrication module for NC control GearTeq is a gear component design add-in. Create standard and non standard gear components. A totally new GearTrax, GearTrax legacy type of interface with the advanced GearTeq technologies. Some of GearTeq's other features: - Modifying SolidWorks and Autodesl Inventor parts created by GearTeq is very easy - 3D wire frame with some surface shading - Create XY outputs of the involutes points in Excel and text files - Involute profile modification using linear or parabolic deviation for spur and helical gears - Automatic balance of addendum modification for spur and helical gears - Deviation chart for DIN splines, hub space width/shaft tooth thickness fit - Programmed on a platform that will allow greater enhancements in the future Features: - Work on multiple types of components in the same assembly - Multiple gears created as a single SolidWorks part - Internal splines can be used as a bore on all components - Automatically create assemblies in SolidWorks and Autodesl Inventor with proper mating - Create XY outputs of the involute points in Excel and text files


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