Vero AlphaCAM 2021


Vero AlphaCAM 2021

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Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division is pleased to announce the release of Vero AlphaCAM 2021.0. The latest release ensures manufacturers stay at the forefront of creating smartfactories in line with Industry 4.0, and updated to the Automation Manager assist users to prepare jobs for processing as well and managing them.

ALPHACAM is intelligent and intuitive CAD CAM Software for Woodworking, Metal & Stone Cutting. The emphasis behind ALPHACAM is to provide customers with productivity, reliability and flexibility. This can be found in all our modules which include Routing, Milling, Turning with 2-Axis to 5-Axis Machining.

An array of new and enhanced functionality, and integration with Workplan, has been announced for the latest release of Hexagon’s Alphacam 2021.

The latest release also looks to put the software at the forefront of helping manufacturers create Smart Factories, in line with Industry 4.0, and adding new automation functions to assist users to prepare jobs for processing as well as managing them.

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division helps industrial manufacturers develop the disruptive technologies of today and the life-changing products of tomorrow. As a leading metrology and manufacturing solution specialist, our expertise in sensing, thinking and acting – the collection, analysis and active use of measurement data – gives our customers the confidence to increase production speed and accelerate productivity while enhancing product quality.

Hexagon acquired Vero Software, a specialist in CAD CAM software, in 2014 and has continued to expand and diversify its offering.


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