VISSIM PEDESTRIAN MODELING Pedestrian travel creates complex interactions. The VISSIM pedestrian simulation was designed to be flexible enough to handle complex situation, to make VISSIM suitable for a broad range of applications. Scope of Application Traffic engineering and ► transportation planning The influence that pedestrians have on vehicular traffic – particularly in special situations like complex inter- sections – can be realistically fore- casted. City planning ► In modern city planning, both citi- zens and planners are increasingly aware of the significance of pedes- trians. VISSIM meets the needs for a planning tool for creating a pedes- trian-friendly city. Evacuation ► Fire safety engineers have different needs than traffic engineers. The most obvious is multi-story mod- eling, which is included in VISSIM. Animation ► Communicating complex building or city construction plans to a non-pro- fessional public is important if the public is meant to actively take part in the discussion about development. In addition to assisting the process of engineering, planning and construct- ing, VISSIM also aims to help experts communicate their ideas and work to others.


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