PointWise 18.4 R1


The Pointwise CFD product team is pleased to announce the availability of Pointwise 18.4 Release 1. The latest release includes automatic surface meshing, the first component of a planned suite of automation features called Flashpoint.

Pointwise version 18.4 R1 Release Notes - Date: October 2020

New Features
- Unstructured domains can be generated automatically using the first in a suite of tools we call Flashpoint for models by specifying surface meshing resolution goals and grid quality constraints. In addition, target edge lengths can be visualized prior to meshing, local sizing can be applied for specific quilts, and anisotropic stretching enabled or disabled depending on boundary curvature classification.
- A new option has been added to the Diagonalize command which links a structured domain to the newly created triangulated unstructured domain. Any changes to the connectors of either results in both being updated immediately in a manner that retains the structured nature of the unstructured domain.
- Diagonalized domains can now automatically replace structured domains in an unstructured block.
- The Size Field tab has been added to Grid, Solve for domains. Grid entities and sources can now influence domain initialization without the domain being part of a block.
- Aspect Ratio and Maximum Aspect Ratio have been added as T-Rex boundary conditions. These will set the initial step size to a specific aspect ratio either based upon the largest cell on the edge, or the cell itself.
- The import and export of the Stanford PLY and Wavefront OBJ discrete file formats are now supported for both grid and database.
- Pointwise tutorials have now been split off to their own download file. This dramatically decreased the size of the Pointwise installer to under 300 MB.
- Glyph functions have been added to print selection links to XYZ points, entities, and files in the Messages window.
- Boundary and Volume Condition data can be imported for some formats. The user manual reflects these capabilities.


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