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Trelis is csimsoft's high-end commercial pre-processor for FEA and CFD, based on the time-proven CUBIT™ geometry preparation and mesh generation software from Sandia National Laboratories. For more than two decades, csimsoft and Sandia has developed CUBIT software. Now, csimsoft is Sandia's authorized distributor for academic and commercial use. Three Versions of Trelis Because CFD and FEA needs are different, csimsoft offers three Trelis versions: Trelis FEA™ Trelis CFD™ Trelis Pro™ Trelis FEA has features and algorithms specifically designed to meet the needs of FEA users. Trelis CFD includes powerful tools and new features that enable meshing for CFD. Trelis Pro combines all the features of Trelis FEA and Trelis CFD. Trelis Features Trelis Trelis 14.0 raises the standard for FEA and CFD pre-processing. Companies worldwide realize how critical mesh generation is to FEA and CFD analysis. With Trelis FEA and Trelis CFD, users have specific tools for generating great meshes for either FEA or CFD solvers. Here's why people are talking about Trelis. Expand All Features | Collapse All Features High-end Hexahedral, Tetrahedral, and Hybrid Meshing For more than two decades, we've been developing the core meshing algorithms that make Trelis such a powerful mesh generation tool for CFD and FEA. We love hearing from users that they can mesh models that other leading tools can't mesh.


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