QPS Qimera 2.2.4


QPS Qimera 2.2.4

the mission of Qimera is to make hydrographic data processing as intuitive and as simple as possible, while still offering powerful capabilities to those that need them, without cluttering the workflow for those that don’t. Reasons to start with Qimera

this is a hot fix release in which we are providing a fix for a single bug that has been reported by several users recently. The bug was an error in re-gridding after edit operations, the edge of a selected area for a re-grid would be left with a small, single-cell boundary artifact due to a misalignment between the area covered by the edit operation and the re-grid and re-shade operation. The solution was to re-compute the shading for the area. The fix in this release targets just this problem so any user who has downloaded Qimera 2.2.2 or 2.2.3 is encouraged to immediately upgrade to 2.2.4.

The bug slipped through our automated QA processes and steps have been taken to ensure this type of bug does not occur again with the addition of finer grained test suites that specifically monitor for this kind of problem.

We are still expecting to provide another maintenance release later in August with a number of other fixes, along with Mac and Linux versions for the 2.2.X feature set.


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