QPS Qinsy 8.18.3


QPS Qinsy 8.18.3

  • QPS Geodetics 2.0.3 and it needs to be run before installing Qinsy
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher
  • The 8.18 databases are only compatible with:
    • Qimera versions 1.6.0 and higher
    • Fledermaus versions 7.8.0 and higher
    • Q&A Download
  • Windows 64-bit Operating System ONLY (It will not work on Windows 32-bit.)

Database version

As from QINSy 8.18.0 databases are upgraded and not compatible with previous versions.
An backup of the original DB files is automatically created or offered to be created

  • It is recommended to uninstall previous versions as from 8.17.0 onward multiple QINSy installations can be installed on a PC
  • Size 1.1 GB


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