• The simplest but also the most advanced multibeam bathymetry processing software
  • Full sonar processing data in the following formats: QINSy DB, Kongsberg ALL, RESON/Norbit S7K, Hypack HSX, GSF, Edgetech JSF, ELAC XSE
  • Bathymetry processing for all survey platforms: Vessel, ROV, AUV, USV
  • Point Cloud cleaning for data in the following formats: LAS, QINSy QPD/QTM, Caris HDCS, Hypack HS2 & HS2X, GSF, ASCII, FAU, PDS, FBT, HTF, Neptune *.depth, Atlas SURF
  • Guided workflows with minimal user input to reduce human error and training requirement
  • 64-bit multi-platform compliant – works with Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Qimera Live - Near real-time data processing – just a button not a separate package
  • Qimera Midwater – Fast, accurate Water Column processing for wrecks and other hard targets in the following formats 
    QINSy DB, Kongsberg ALL, RESON/Norbit S7K – (an Add-on to Qimera and Qimera Pro)
  • FMGT for backscatter processing (an Add-on to all Qimera versions)
  • Easy to use multibeam calibration (Patch Test) tool.
  • Problem data solving using the unique Wobble Tool.
  • Post processed navigation/inertial data support
  • Automated data cleaning routines: Spline filter, CUBE filter, Blocking filters



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