Blueprint 5.1_CAM350 12.1_nodelocked_license

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  • Tag:Blueprint 5.1 CAM350 12.1 install path
  •  Patch for DST2014 Blueprint 5.1 + CAM350 12.1 (nodelocked licensing)zXgEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual

     1: Uninstall old Downstream versions BluePrint, CAM350 and License Manager,
     1: Run DownStream_2015_c1022_b1122.exe Installation Wizard should now be running, select Next,
        Accept the DownStream Technologies License Agreement and select Next,
        select STEP2: "Install Downstream Products", select Next,
        Enter Customer Information, select Next,
        Leave it empty ACT_INC_LICENSE_FILE Environment Variable and select Next,
        Select Setup Type "Complete" and select Next,
        Select Install..
        Select Finish. You have installed your DownStream products.
     2: Extract all files from archive under programs and working directories and overwrite.
     3: Done.
     Tested od the:
       Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
       Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600] (Hyper-V machine)


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