Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2015 v15.1.106

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  • Tag:Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2015 v15.1.106
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    Install SCIA, use "Only floating" license
    option, set license server to:
    Install Scia License server:
    do not install dongle drivers and do not run
    activation manager.
    Run Start Menu->Scia Licence Server->
    ->FlexNET Licence administrator.
    Go to "Administration" tab, choose 
    "Server Configuration"->"License Server
    Configuration" (use "admin" as login/pass)
    Set "License Server Manager Port" to 7182
    Press "Save" button and "Stop Server" above
    ignoring warning.
    Copy patched*.* to the folder:
    {Program Files (x86)}Common FilesSciaLicenceServerFlexnetServerscia
    Reboot PC.
    Start SCIA, enter settings and select the


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