IHS Kingdom Suite Advanced 2017 Installation Guide

  • Freshtime:2017-11-14 21:56:20
  • Tag:IHS Kingdom Suite Advanced 2017.0 Installation Guide
  • 1. Run the Adminstrator from the File Setup folder of The Kingdom Software 2017 (64-bit) .exe. When installing the GeoSyn option, you will also be able to choose and continue the process of installing the software to the end.
    2- Do not run any installed software, and if you are in disrepair, completely Exit them.
    3. From the Cracke File folder, copy and replace the lsapiw64.dll file in the following paths:aKpEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual

    C:Program FilesIHS MarkitKingdomSuiteTKS 2017
    C:Program FilesIHS MarkitKingdomSuiteGeoSyn 2017aKpEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual

    4. Run the Kingdom Software 2017 software. When you run the software for the first time, you can view and verify the license information.
    5. When you run the GeoSyn 2017 and GeoSyn2D 2017 software, the Specify Kingdom Network License Server window is displayed to you. You must enter the localhost value.aKpEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual


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